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Founded: 1937

Headquarters: Toyota, Aichi, Japan

Popular Models: Corolla, Camry, Celica, 4 Runner, Tacoma, RAV4

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Toyota began as a division of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, directed by Kiichiro Toyoda, the founder’s son. In 1929, they sold the patent for their automatic looms to a British Company and used that money to begin developing automobiles. Originally sold under the name “Toyoda”, they released their first passenger car, the Model AA, in 1936. The name “Toyoda” literally means “fertile rice paddies”, and they wanted to avoid being associated with farming, so in 1937 they changed the company’s name to “Toyota” and registered the Toyota Motor Company.

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The Toyota Motor Company originated as a division of the Toyota Loom Company, founded by Sakichi Toyoda in 1933. Toyota started with the introduction of the Model A1 passenger car in May 1934. Shortly after, Toyota produced its second model the GI truck in August 1935. With the success of these models, Toyoda’s son Kiichiro Toyoda, founded the Toyota Motor Company in 1937.

During World War II, the company contributed to Japan’s war efforts with the production of trucks for the Imperial Japanese Army. In 1947, Toyota began producing the Model SA, or the Toyapet. Thereafter, Toyota introduced passenger cars including the Toyopet Crown, the Toyopet Master and the Crown Deluxe. The first shipment of the Crown arrived in the United States in 1955. With the addition of the American market in the 1960’s, Toyota introduced several more models and reported over 1 million units in annual domestic sales.

Toyota Motor Company and Toyota Auto Sales merged in 1982, becoming Toyota Motor Corporation. In 1984, New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. was created via a joint venture of Toyota with General Motors, allowing for production in the United States.

In the 1989, Toyota launched Lexus, its luxury vehicle division. Following, Toyota began to add larger luxury vehicles to its line, including the Tundra and the Land Cruiser. Toyota also added the Camry Solara, a sportier version of the Camry. The company also introduced its Scion brand in 2003, which offers smaller cars and is geared toward a younger demographic.

In 1997, Toyota introduced the world’s first mass-produced electric car, the Toyota Prius. The Prius has become the best selling hybrid in the world. Toyota has built on their technology by adding the Highlander and the Camry to the hybrid family. The hybrid Sienna is expected to be debuted by 2012. Toyota has led the automobile industry in environmentally friendly vehicle concepts through environmental action plans and technological breakthroughs. Toyota has introduced the Eco Drive Indicator on vehicles in their Japanese market, which indicates when the vehicle is being operated at the most optimum conditions.

In addition, since the 1970’s, Toyota Group has developed industrial robots. The company introduced a trumpet-playing robot in 2004 and continues to develop robots designed for elderly care, manufacturing and entertainment. Toyota is also involved with aerospace as a minority shareholder in the Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation.

Today, Toyota offers about 70 models, ranging from the subcompact Yaris to the eight-passenger Land Cruiser. The company has manufacturing plants in nearly 30 countries and employs nearly 318,000 individuals. Toyota is sold in more than 170 countries worldwide, and continues to the leader in automobile sales and production worldwide.

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