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Ford Bronco : Flywheel/Flex Plate

To find your Ford Bronco Flywheel/Flex Plate from a RECYCLER NEAR YOU, just enter the YEAR of your vehicle and your ZIP code in the above form and press the "FIND" button. (What you see below is a previous search for a Ford Bronco Flywheel/Flex Plate and does not include all the Flywheel/Flex Plates in YOUR area.)
This part is also known as Ford Bronco Flywheel; Ford Bronco Flex Plate.

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1979 FTF100
Flywheel/Flex Plate
MT 8-302 (5.0L) MT, 8-351W (5.8L) M03379 $50.00 Stanlin Auto Salvage, Inc.
855-890-9502 Ext 829552
Tebbetts, MO
1981 TFORD250
Flywheel/Flex Plate
4SP,5.8,93K,4X4,MT MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 93 012241 Call Feezle Auto Wrecking
855-889-9345 Ext 969640
Enon Valley, PA
1986 FORD F250
Flywheel/Flex Plate
MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 63 S3A039 $50.00 Grassy Auto Parts
855-890-9506 Ext 095184
West Liberty, KY
1984 F250
Flywheel/Flex Plate
4x4,4BL,5.8L,4SP MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 1 130011 $50.00 Wil Burks Auto Salvage
855-890-9501 Ext 901517
Mountain View, MO
1984 FORD F250
Flywheel/Flex Plate
F5,5.8 2BC,6-84 [409-00345] MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 114 2I0059 $85.00 A & A Auto & Truck Parts South
855-890-9501 Ext 989090
Topeka, KS
1986 TFORD250
Flywheel/Flex Plate
STILL IN TRUCK MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 0 001669 $75.00 Smitty's, Inc.
855-890-9502 Ext 020789
Axtell, KS
Flywheel/Flex Plate
TORINO F-MT4 8-302 CK -ON CAR--M.T. 8-3 MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 99K F034 $75.00 Charlie's Used Auto Parts
855-890-9506 Ext 484059
Dayton, TN
Flywheel/Flex Plate
-302 MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 16074 $35.00 All Camaro and Firebird
855-889-9345 Ext 569285
North Little Rock, AR
1986 F350
Flywheel/Flex Plate
MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 130000 2333 Call Old 33 Salvage
855-890-9501 Ext 978293
Chouteau, OK
1979 TFORD150
Flywheel/Flex Plate
302,MT MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 0, C10060 Call Clarence Hale Auto
855-890-9506 Ext 603272
Eden, NC
1982 FTF100
Flywheel/Flex Plate
MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 120139 Call Tim's Auto Parts Inc
855-890-9506 Ext 560389
Sumter, SC
1983 F350
Flywheel/Flex Plate
5.8 MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 0 140054 $50.00 Tom's Used Auto Parts
855-890-9507 Ext 253611
Bristol , CT
1984 TFORD350
Flywheel/Flex Plate
351W NP435 MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 113 154626 $100.00 Coutu Truck Country
855-890-9507 Ext 917709
Willimantic, CT
1979 FTF150
Flywheel/Flex Plate
MT 8-302 (5.0L)-41008-MT 8-302 (5.0L) MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 41008 $50.00 Salvage GM Parts
855-890-9504 Ext 616090
Valdosta, GA
1983 FTF350
Flywheel/Flex Plate
M.T. 8-351W (5.8L) 5.8L MANUAL TRANS-M. MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 141K 15H51 Call K & K Motors & Salvage
855-890-9502 Ext 466954
Graham , TX
1984 FTF250
Flywheel/Flex Plate
M.T. 8-351W (5.8L) 5.8L MANUAL TRANS-M. MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 10K39 $30.00 K & K Motors & Salvage
855-890-9502 Ext 466954
Graham , TX
Flywheel/Flex Plate
MT 8-351W (5.8L) MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 7D63 Call K & K Motors & Salvage
855-890-9502 Ext 466954
Graham , TX
1986 FTF250
Flywheel/Flex Plate
MT 8-351W (5.8L)-MT 8-351W (5.8L) MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 9B96 Call K & K Motors & Salvage
855-890-9502 Ext 466954
Graham , TX
1983 FTF150
Flywheel/Flex Plate
TG 7086-MT 8-351W (5.8L) MT, 8-351W (5.8L) T6447 $45.28 Anderson Auto Salvage
855-890-9501 Ext 370307
Troy, TX
1982 TFORD250
Flywheel/Flex Plate
MT, 8-351W (5.8L) 0 007440 Call Magic Used Auto Parts
-- Ext
Clearwater, FL
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