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NissanXterra : Grille

Year, ModelDescriptionMilesGradeStockPriceRecyclerLocation
2004 XTERRAHeadlight RH, SUV,FOGGY192,B12F038Call Teddy Bear's Auto Salvage (866) 795-2911 x80578Holiday, FL
2003 XTERRAHeadlight NIQ16500086210 $69.55 Gardner Auto Parts (866) 795-2911 x86364Pompano Beach, FL
2002 XTERRAGrille 4DR, WHI,2-02140,BCFC142 $75.75BLUE AND GOLD AUTO (866) 795-2911 x49775Goose Creek, SC
2002 XTERRAGrille 4DR, GRN,6-02,553660,AJM1995 $75.75BLUE AND GOLD AUTO (866) 795-2911 x49775Goose Creek, SC
2002 XTERRAHeadlight RH, 4DR,GRN, 6-020,AJM1995 $101.00BLUE AND GOLD AUTO (866) 795-2911 x49776Goose Creek, SC
2002 XTERRAHeadlight RH, 4DR,WHI, 2-02,28991140,BCFC142 $101.00BLUE AND GOLD AUTO (866) 795-2911 x49776Goose Creek, SC
2003 XTERRAHeadlight RH, 4DR,SE, SIL,7-030,AJK1785 $101.00BLUE AND GOLD AUTO (866) 795-2911 x49777Goose Creek, SC
2003 XTERRAHeadlight Y SE RH- LOCAL -SE RH0hrAXTE515 6CallC & R Auto Salvage (866) 795-2911 x39846Orangeburg, SC
2002 XTERRAHeadlight RTTB3335Call BARNETTES AUTO PARTS (866) 795-2911 x53270Sumter, SC
2002 XterraHeadlightNAC90300 1 $101.00301 AUTO PARTS (866) 795-2911 x46567Olanta, SC
2002 XTERRAGrille XE, WIO75735127681 $50.00 University Auto Recyclers (866) 795-2911 x87198Pensacola, FL
2002 XTERRAHeadlight CLOUDY75735127681 $85.00 University Auto Recyclers (866) 795-2911 x87197Pensacola, FL
2002 XTERRAHeadlight NEWAFTERMARKETD100 $95.95 RITEWAY AUTO SALVAGE (866) 795-2911 x27595Munford, AL
2002 XTERRAGrille BLACK, XE120045 $65.65 RITEWAY AUTO SALVAGE (866) 795-2911 x27596Munford, AL
2002 XTERRAHeadlight BLACK, XE120045 $75.75 RITEWAY AUTO SALVAGE (866) 795-2911 x27595Munford, AL
2002 XTERRAHeadlight NEW NEWNEW3 DAYS $95.95 RITEWAY AUTO SALVAGE (866) 795-2911 x27594Munford, AL
2003 XTERRAHeadlight BLACK, SE120143 $75.75 RITEWAY AUTO SALVAGE (866) 795-2911 x27594Munford, AL
2003 XTERRAHeadlightAE1033 $107.00 CARGUTS INC. (866) 795-2911 x48519Blacksburg, SC
2002 XTERRAHeadlight Y XE RH- XE RH0hrA12D145 $101.00B & B USED AUTO PARTS (866) 795-2911 x54175Charlotte, NC
2004 XTERRAHeadlight 4DR1156813B0919 $101.00 COUNSELMAN AUTOMOTIVE RECYCLING OF MOBILE (866) 795-2911 x06481Mobile, AL
2002 XTERRAGrille hold fornoseABAPCallBUTLER AUTO PARTS (866) 795-2911 x52929Forest City, NC
2002 XTERRAGrille ckAX0186 $58.85AUTO PARTS OF SHELBY (866) 795-2911 x53526Shelby, NC
2002 XTERRAHeadlight localauctiontab scCX0186 $53.50AUTO PARTS OF SHELBY (866) 795-2911 x53528Shelby, NC
2004 XTERRAHeadlight localbuildertabs72CU0149 $53.50AUTO PARTS OF SHELBY (866) 795-2911 x53527Shelby, NC
2004 XTERRAHeadlight LOCAL ONLYCOMPAREREPAIRED114U $75.75BOB'S AUTO SALVAGE (866) 795-2911 x54877Jacksonville, NC
2002 XTERRAHeadlight108ABP1208 9 $101.00 YOUNG'S AUTO / DUDLEY (866) 795-2911 x53920Dudley, NC
2002 XTERRAGrille NIQ, HASSCRATCHES,SILVER, ,XE89000112809 $75.00Triad Auto Parts (866) 795-2911 x25214Greensboro, NC
2002 XTERRAHeadlight XERH-REPAIREDUSEDX11W022 $100.0067 MOTORS (866) 795-2911 x51574Pfafftown, NC
2003 XTERRAHeadlight NTB, XE, R.94B90424Call STRANGE AUTO PARTS (866) 795-2911 x47626White Pine, TN
2002 XTERRAGrille NIB*FADED XEAM02230 $65.65 TRI-CITY AUTO SALVAGE (866) 795-2911 x51779Greensboro, NC

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Did you know that grilles from many different years and makes are exactly the same as your Nissan Xterra grille? These parts will all interchange with each other. Finding you a quality used auto part from the top recyclers in your area is what keeps us in business! You want to buy your Nissan Xterra grille from a salvage yard you can trust. We can help you. Each and every one of our yards have passed our rigorous quality requirements. We have a wide range of recyclers on PartsHotlines: whether you're looking for parts for your car or parts for your truck, you can find them here. Our parts are the original parts made for your car or truck to your manufacturer's specifications. By using recycled components on your vehicle, you're saving an estimated 80 million barrels of oil each year which would otherwise be used to manufacture new components. Your vehicle will run better when you replace your worn out part with a quality used part. Our recyclers have the lowest possible prices for you. And you can shop with confidence knowing that PartsHotlines Customer Support is available to help you find what you need. Our recyclers use a combination of best practices to ensure that your part is carefully tested to meet their high quality standards. The salvage yards on PartsHotlines have been hand selected and are the top auto recyclers in your area.

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