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To find your Mazda3Intake Manifold from a RECYCLER NEAR YOU, just enter the YEAR of your vehicle and your ZIP code in the above form and press the "FIND" button. (What you see below is a previous search for a Mazda3Intake Manifold and does not include all the Intake Manifolds in YOUR area.)

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Mazda3 : Intake Manifold

Year, ModelDescriptionMilesGradeStockPriceRecyclerLocation
2004 MAZDA3Fog Light RH (IN12312)LITEONLY-NOBRACKETUX11465 $126.25 REITMAN AUTO PARTS (866) 795-2911 x52387Melbourne, KY
2006 MAZDA 3Fog Light 53731, LH,4DR, FOG59,A100194Call Johannes Auto sALVAGE (866) 795-2911 x78628Jackson, MO
2006 3Fog Light LH, 5DR,FOG123,B120357Call Johannes Auto sALVAGE (866) 795-2911 x78628Jackson, MO
2004 MAZDA 3Fog Light W64A000009 39 $30.00 Sevan Auto Parts (866) 795-2911 x34697Circleville, OH
2006 MAZDA 3Fog Light FOG/DRIVING; HTBK, L.55A12A020 $126.25 EXPRESS AUTO RECYCLERS (866) 795-2911 x15688Lavergne, TN
2004 MAZDA 3Fog Light FOG LAMPLH 8-04HTCHBK 4DR1173993 $80.25 ECONOMY AUTO PARTS INC (866) 795-2911 x07403Jonesboro, AR
2004 3Fog Light CAPSULEONLY,PITTED72601K0544 $69.55PAM'S AUTO (866) 795-2911 x42772St. Cloud, MN
2006 MAZDA 3Fog Light ASSY, LFT,LOWER MNTGONE28862H650 $80.25PAM'S AUTO (866) 795-2911 x42773St. Cloud, MN
2004 MAZDA 3Fog Light 4DR, S127A000078 69 $85.00 Automotive Parts Solutions (866) 795-2911 x34386Rockville, MN
2005 MAZDA 3Fog Light SW BROKENBRACKET90A001100 41 $104.00 UNITED AUTO RECYCLERS (866) 795-2911 x09145Omaha, NE
2004 MAZDA3Fog Light Y Fog/Driving Htbk RH-Fog/Driving0hrA121122 $70.21 KEITH AUTO RECYCLERS & SALES INC. (866) 795-2911 x13671Pontotoc, MS
2004 MAZDA3Fog Light W Fog/Driving Htbk L. LH lessbracke0hrA3912-0 4 $48.44S & M IMPORTS (866) 795-2911 x07752Omaha, NE
2006 MAZDA 3Fog Light89AD1378 $117.70AUTO LAND (866) 795-2911 x18774Carbondale, KS
2006 MAZDA 3Fog Light LH NEW AFTFOG/DRIVING HTBKANEW021 1M $110.21BILL'S USED AUTO PARTS (866) 795-2911 x51998Christiansburg , VA
2006 MAZDA 3Fog Light LH NEW AFTFOG/DRIVING HTBKANEW021 2M $110.21BILL'S USED AUTO PARTS (866) 795-2911 x51998Christiansburg , VA
2004 MAZDA 3Fog Light LH,FOG/DRIVING, HTBK37AA419P $128.75BILL'S USED AUTO PARTS (866) 795-2911 x51998Christiansburg , VA
2006 MAZDA 3Fog Light RH NEWAFT, FOG/DRIVING HTBKANEW021 2M $110.21BILL'S USED AUTO PARTS (866) 795-2911 x51999Christiansburg , VA
2006 MAZDA 3Fog Light RH NEW AFTFOG/DRIVING(HTBK)ANEW021 5M $110.21BILL'S USED AUTO PARTS (866) 795-2911 x51999Christiansburg , VA
2004 MAZDA 3Fog Light RH,FOG/DRIVING, HTBK37AA419P $128.75BILL'S USED AUTO PARTS (866) 795-2911 x51999Christiansburg , VA
2005Fog Light LH FRONT, FOG/DRIVIN76A49ASCall STANDARD AUTO WRECKERS (866) 795-2911 x04017Niagra Falls, NY
2004Fog Light RH FRONT, FOG/DRIVIN130ACG039Call STANDARD AUTO WRECKERS (866) 795-2911 x04016Niagra Falls, NY
2006 MAZDA 3Fog Light58A111829 A $100.00 Stoystown Auto Wreckers (866) 795-2911 x29368Stoystown, PA
2004 MAZDA3Fog Light Y Fog/Driving Htbk RH 11/03HB 2.3LA8X16P $109.00JIM DEFREECE AUTO PARTS (866) 795-2911 x17579Lincoln, NE
2004 MAZDA 3Fog Light HB, LH135A12H03 $71.76 CAPITAL CITY AUTO RECYCLERS (866) 795-2911 x31862Lincoln, NE
2004 MAZDA 3Intake Manifold 2.3L135A12H03 $130.00 CAPITAL CITY AUTO RECYCLERS (866) 795-2911 x31861Lincoln, NE
2006 MAZDA 3Fog LightA6 $32.10TROY SELLERS AUTO (866) 795-2911 x40799Cottondale, AL
2004 3Fog Light 4DR, WITHOUTMOUNTINGBRACKET82435LC0061Call DANNY'S AUTO SALVAGE (866) 795-2911 x73258Tulsa, OK
2005 3Fog Light6227550 $101.00 RIVERSIDE AUTO PARTS (866) 795-2911 x45892Mebane, NC
2005 3Fog Light GLOBE ONLY19,AAJ0126CallOK Auto Parts (866) 795-2911 x86613Richland, MS
2006 MAZDA 3Fog Light 4H, GLOBEONLY, NOBRACKET78A11E21 $50.00 Condon's Auto Parts (866) 795-2911 x42365Westminster, MD

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10 Great Reasons to Buy your Mazda 3 Intake Manifold from PartsHotlines

You can trust our salvage yards with your used Mazda 3 intake manifold search. Our recyclers are small business owners in YOUR community, many of whom have been in business for decades. By weight more than 80% of your entire vehicle is recycled, re-manufactured or reused. It's a great reason to buy used! The searches on PartsHotlines are live. In seconds, we actually take a real time peek into the inventories of the top auto salvage yards in your area and beyond to find what you need. In addition to the Mazda 3 intake manifold you're searching for, did you know that replacing your broken or missing gas cap can save you 3 cents per gallon by increasing your gas mileage. Since PartsHotlines uses a live search, additional results may come in after your results display. To see the additional parts we've found just click the See More Parts button at the top of your screen. New advances in technology enable modern auto recyclers to carefully drain all salvage vehicles of operating fluids, oil and gas. Think about it: you're already driving your vehicle entirely on used parts. Our parts are the original parts made for your car or truck to your manufacturer's specifications. The PartHotlines employees come from all walks in the industry. Our team members have been Salesmen, Computer Specialists, Car Enthusiasts, and Shipping Specialists within the industry. We can help you find your part. The owners of PartsHotlines have been in the auto recycling industry for over 30 years! We've been providing parts locating services longer than any other company on the Internet.

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